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Your participation is essential to help us fulfil our mission to strengthen communities as we engage indigenous and non-indigenous partners to nurture healing, empower youth, and foster leadership.


Programs & Services

Northern Bridge Community Partnership has already made a positive impact in some of the northern communities through our programs and services. With respect, cooperation and friendship, we will continue to work with indigenous and non-indigenous partners to create programs and services to make a difference.


Experiential Learning Program

This youth-connecting-to-youth program is strongly tied to our mission to nurture healing, empower youth, and foster leadership.

For nearly a decade, we have worked closely with King’s University College in London, Ontario, offering academic programming and courses that include both classroom time and a trip to Canada’s north. In the past seven years, more than 75 students have participated in the course. 

Through joint activities shared by the visiting students and youth from the hosting community, something special happens. Barriers dissolve, friendships form and self-confidence grows. Appreciation for the beauty and importance of nature, of the community, and of each other is built.  With a stronger sense of self and mutually respectful connections, healthier communities emerge, and everyone grows.


Your Gifts at Work

The financial costs of being present in the north are staggering. The airfare alone to send one person to the north can be between $2,000 and $5,000. Food prices are astronomical. The cost of fresh produce makes a healthy diet impossible. The cost of building relationships with the people in the north is significant but being present is paramount. Investing in building bridges of trust and hope is not only our responsibility, it is our honour.

Expansion plans include a number of trips per year, with 10-12 students each and two adult leaders participating. The annual cost to run this program, including flight, insurance, accommodation, and food is more than $5,000 per person.

The Fundraising Goal for the Youth Experiential Learning Program is $200,000 per year.


Long-Term Immersion Program

Northern Bridge Community Partnership understands that relationships of mutual respect and authenticity are how lives and communities grow and thrive. That foundational belief has helped expand our Long-Term Immersion Program. About 20% of the young adults who have been to the north during the Experiential Learning Program have returned for at least one, and up to three years of service. Others have expressed the desire to return after graduation. Adults of all ages and life experiences who have heard of this work have also asked to participate and serve in the north.

As part of our plans for growth, Northern Bridge Community Partnership invites individuals and couples of all ages to consider participating in this unique opportunity to serve for a year or more, alongside our indigenous brothers and sisters in the north.

Given the remoteness of many of these communities and in the spirit of shared experience and support, it is our desire to always have two long-term participants working together in any given community.


Your Gifts at Work

 Our hope is to have young adults, other adults, couples, and families serving in indigenous communities across the north for 1-3 years.  Currently, we are working closely with a number of communities, with plans to expand as resources become available. 

 The annual cost that covers flight, insurance, accommodation, food, program material and a moderate wage is more than $85,000 per person.

The Fundraising Goal for the Long-Term Immersion Program is $500,000 per year.


Strong Communities Program

For generations, indigenous communities of the north were self-sufficient, resilient, well-connected to the land and each other. Colonialism has left many communities with a complex set of struggles that demand a complex set of programs to foster and rebuild strong communities.

Our plan is to facilitate a number of two-week immersion sessions each year across Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and throughout northern Saskatchewan and northern Manitoba.Northern Bridge Community Partnership will engage various specialists working in the areas of addiction management, social work, generational trauma, psychology and spiritual healing to provide resources and on-site programming.

Through carefully planned peer-to-peer mentorship and formation, our overall goal is to ensure the next generation of indigenous leaders are well-informed and well-prepared to support their communities. 


Your Gifts at Work

The communities that we are working with have asked for support in the areas of leadership development, capacity building, youth empowerment, and programs for healing.  Donor support will dictate how many experts we can engage and how many on-site programs we can offer. With your financial support, we can help our indigenous partners write a new chapter in a story of hope.

Round-trip flights to some of these remote areas can cost as much as $5,000.  Food, accommodations, insurance and a stipend can cost more than $10,000 for a week of service.

The Fundraising Goal for the Strong Communities Program is $200,000 per year.


Ongoing Program Development

Throughout the years, Northern Bridge Community Partnership has been fortunate to work with many partners, including individuals, organizations, funding bodies, and colleges and universities. As we continue to expand, we look forward to widening our circle to include many more partners. 


Your Gifts at Work

In May 2017, with donor support, Northern Bridge Community Partnership hired a new Program Manager. This role is part of our expansion  plans and enables us to build on current programs and develop new ways of building relational bridges between the north and the south.   

The Program Manager will constantly be communicating with local leaders to design programs that will fulfil our mission to nurture healing, empower youth and foster leadership. Including salary, travel, insurance and program materials, the annual cost to fund this position is more than $100,000.

The Fundraising Goal for Program Development is $100,000 per year.


If you would like learn more, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Jacqueline McKernan, Program Manager  |  877-606-6784  |


Participant Testimonials


“I’ve always treasured this idealized image of Canada being a privileged, safe place of equality. While this is true, there is a lot happening in our own backyard that we don’t like to talk about. I now have a firm resolve to do my part in reconciliation with our indigenous neighbours.”

Ali Neves
Program Participant

“My trips to the North have had an enormous influence on both my personal and professional life as a teacher and lifelong learner. I have continued to research and better understand the policies of, and influences on indigenous people and this has transformed how I see the world.”

Matthew Annibale
Program Participant

“To experience the people and the traditions of the North was an honour. We are all part of the human family with needs, desires, and dreams. Its important to build relationships with our northern brothers and sisters in our own country. I can’t wait to go back.”

Patrick Lange
Program Participant