Ways to Give:

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It’s time to take a step forward to create bridges of trust with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples. Our Experiential Learning Program – a youth connecting with Indigenous youth program –is just one of the many ways we are helping to build bridges.

Meaningful change will happen when more and more Canadians step forward and join hands in solidarity and service. Understanding is at the base of our mission.

Innovative change comes through curiosity, courage, creativity and collaboration. Canada's diversity of cultures and different ideas is one of this country’s greatest sources of strength. It is at the intersection of alternative viewpoints that real innovation can happen. And that is precisely what we aim to achieve through our Experiential Learning Program.

Join with us and donate today so that we can continue to take meaningful action that brings indigenous and non-indigenous people together in the spirit of reconciliation through education, awareness and understanding.

Donors can give in many different ways. Thank you for your generosity.

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