Join NBCP on an Experiential Learning Opportunity in Canada’s North

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Now Accepting Applicants for 2019!

Indigenous people in Canada are faced with complex issues that are often intertwined. The most tragic of all is the high rate of suicides among Indigenous youth. A 2016 Statistics Canada report found that suicide rates are five to seven times higher for First Nations youth and for non-Indigenous youth and for Inuit youth the rate is highest in the world – 11 times the national average. We have experienced the aftermath of youth suicide in every community we visit.

Yet, we remain hopeful. NBCP understands that building bridges, relationships and trust can and does have a positive and lasting effect. We are not stopped by the enormity of these issues. Rather, we are spurred to do more to support our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

Consider being a change agent and joining NBCP on a trip of a lifetime to Canada’s North. Immerse yourself for two weeks in an Indigenous Community this summer for a transferable half credit course.

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